Ignite Transformation in Your District Community

Inspire colleagues. Build trust. Take bold action.

Inspire colleagues.
Build trust.
Take bold action.

Our Mission

To strengthen the capacity of school district community stakeholders to transform their educational and student service offerings into a coherent student-centered ecosystem in which every student and adult that supports them can thrive.

Our Team and Partners

With backgrounds in education, business, finance, philanthropy, mindfulness, and wellness, our team brings decades of interdisciplinary experience, expertise, and evidence-based research to the work of transforming public PK-12 education into an equitable system that consistently meets the academic, socio-emotional, and health needs of students to help them thrive, no matter their zip code, ethnicity, or learning disability. 

Our Vision in Narrative Form

Founding member and strategic education consultant Charles E. Wright, Jr. has combined his three decades of work in education, philanthropy, and business to offer an inspiring and thought-provoking vision of a school district community meeting every student’s needs in each stage of their educational process via the aspirational story of one family’s experience in a redesigned school ecosystem.

This novel tool will enable you to: 

  • Discover, develop, and/or accelerate your personal journey to inspire, catalyze, support, and lead transformative change  
  • Engage stakeholders and individuals in your network in a discussion that builds connections and sets the stage for bold changes
  • Listen deeply, identify common themes and areas for healing, provide insights valuable to school system leaders, and discover support for breakthrough ideas

Two versions to meet the needs of different audiences!

Central office leaders, supervisors, or staff members looking for a compelling way to deepen systemwide conversations around access, equity, and transformative change without burning out, choose the one for Leaders.

Busy parents, educators, or concerned community members looking for discreet opportunities to bring about meaningful, sustainable, and transformative change around access, equity, and student outcomes, choose the one written just for you!

Inspire colleagues. Build trust. Take bold action.

Inspire colleagues.
Build trust.
Take bold action.

Conversations and Keynotes

Invite Charles to share more about The Education Imperative, what it means to undertake transformational change, and the work that actually lies ahead. Leave inspired!

Study Support

Utilizing the Book to Build Constituencies to Accelerate Transformation

Inspired to use The Education Imperative as a tool to catalyze transformation in your school district community—to give your stakeholders additional opportunities to share their experiences, articulate their needs and desires, deepen relationships, and design their personal journey toward transformation? Invite Charles to help you develop a scaffolded plan for engaging multiple constituencies and establishing structures to maximize the learnings from book discussions.

Accelerator Institutes

Bring together leaders within your community ecosystem for a half- or full-day session to: 

  • create a deeper understanding of the personal, institutional, and community roadmaps that must intersect to achieve sustainable transformation
  • get a glimpse of the system transformation accelerator experience
  • help your community develop next steps for building its readiness for transformation 

Contact Us

We look forward to exploring ways in which we can work together to achieve The Education Imperative. 

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